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Triple Triumph of Trieste
35 KM Ultra Marathon Swim


An Epic Ultra Marathon Swim along the Adriatic Coastline. Do you have what it takes?

Get ready to immerse yourself in the breath-taking waters of the Adriatic Sea for the ultimate open water swimming challenge. This is not your average ultra-marathon swim, but rather a 35-kilometer journey through THREE different countries in just one day. Starting in Croatia, you will swim along the Slovenian coastline, with the goal of landing triumphantly in Italy.

This swim is the ultimate test for serious ultra-marathon swimmers who are ready to push their limits and conquer their next open water challenge. With crystal clear waters and stunning views, this is an experience you won't want to miss.

To kick off this new challenge, we are offering one swimmer and their support person the ability to undertake the very first swim for FREE! That's right. You will go down in history books as the very first person to participate (and hopefully complete), the Triple Triumph of Trieste, swimming along the coastline of three countries in just one day!


The swim challenge will take place in late September 2024, and participation is by invitation only. To register your interest, please fill out the application form below and tell us about your history of marathon swimming. You will need to provide proof of a successful ultra-marathon swim within the past 12 months, or the completion of a 10KM qualifying and 8-hour continuous swim within the past 6 months. Registration closes on 31 July 2024, and the winner will be notified within 7-days via email. The winner will also be published on our website. If you're selected, you and your support person will be invited to participate in the event. Please note: your support person must administer your feeds during the duration of your swim. 

On 2 September 2024, we will be opening registration for the upcoming marathon swims taking place in July, August, September and October 2025. For 2025 events, you may register a solo swim, dual solo swim, or a relay swim (2P, 4P, or 6P). Please note, registration does not give you automatic entry; participation is by invitation only. To ensure safety, we will review your history and engage in a zoom call to discuss your ability to train in the months leading up to the event.


So, if you're a super dedicated ultra-marathon swimmer who is ready to take on their next challenge, mark the registration date in your calendar and start training for this ultra-awesome marathon swim today!

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