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Adventure Swims ~ Montenegro

We understand you may be visiting Montenegro for only a short time and unable to attend one of our longer tours. We've therefore created daily adventure swims to ensure you don't miss out on experiencing the stunning waters that Montenegro has to offer! The adventure swims are privately run for you and your group, with a maximum of four people. Swim routes are returned, so the distance can vary to accommodate your wishes. This is your tour, after all, so whether you wish to swim 100 metres or 3000 metres, it's entirely up to you.


You have the option to select either a half-day tour, which lasts for up to 4 hours, or a full-day tour, which extends for up to 8 hours. Opting for a full-day tour grants you the freedom to explore various locations on both land and sea. Maybe you would like to swim in the abandoned submarine tunnels in the morning, and then swim around Sveti Stefan in the afternoon. Alternatively, you may prefer to start your day by admiring the breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains from Lovcen National Park and then embark on a boat ride from Budva to Sveti Nikola, where you can indulge in swimming in the pristine, crystal-clear waters. I will offer recommendations, and then plan the itinerary with you to ensure you have an exceptional day!                             


  €120 (1 person)

  € 80 pp (2-4 persons)                                  


  €180 (1 person)

  €120 pp (2-4 persons)                                  



Some of the most stunning scenery in Montenegro, this swim is mesmerising as we're graced with mountains on all sides. It truly is the place where the mountains meet the sea. Choose the distance that you're comfortable with.

view of the Boka Kotor bay and its islands from above, sunny morning in Montenegro.jpg


Swimming around Sveti Stefan is a wonderful experience. The exclusive 5 star hotel is only accessible to guests, so we think the best way to get a good look at it is via the Adriatic Sea.  The distance around the Island is approx 750 metres, so you may choose to do a few laps?! 

Sveti Stefan island in Budva in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro.jpg


Lustica Bay is along the Adriatic Coast and offers crystal clear waters. It's a wonderful place to swim in winter with snow capped mountains in the background.



This lovely little island is called Gospa and is located in the Adriatic Sea near Mamula Island. Choose between a quick 750 swim around the island or 1500 metres from Zanjic beach. This little gem is inhabited by just one person; a monk. If we are lucky, he may come out and wave to us as we swim around this little island of paradise.



We recommend you bring the following.

  • swimsuit

  • towel

  • goggles

  • swim cap

  • tow float

  • sunscreen

  • camera/gopro (there's plenty of Instagram shots to capture!)

  • any other aids you may wish to use - wetsuit, flippers, paddles etc

  • suitable clothing and shoes (we may be required to walk on uneven surfaces to reach our destination)

Snorkel Fins and Goggles


  • Susan will guide you on all swims  

  • Boat / kayak support is not provided for adventure swims

  • Tour times (4hrs/8hrs) includes travel time

  • Snacks and refreshments are provided

  • Price includes travel expenses (petrol, ferry, parking, tolls)

  • Lunch is not included in the price (full-day tour)

  • Entry into tourists sites is not included in the price

  • The transfer car is a Renault Megane, allowing space for up to four passengers 

  • Please note, travel times may vary depending on traffic and ferry departure times. If you have commitments that require you to return to your hotel by a specific time, please advise Susan at the time of pick up 

  • If you would like to arrange a larger private group tour, please send us an inquiry. 

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Adventure Swim Enquiry

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