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This Is Our Story

Ocean Blue Swimming Tours was founded by Susan Berg who, in February 2022, uprooted her life in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Montenegro to live out her dream of creating open-water swimming holidays in Europe for like-minded people.



A welcome letter from Susan: 

Welcome swim friends!

I'm an avid and passionate open-water swimmer, but this hasn't always been the case. I vividly remember the challenge of facing my fear of water and swimming the 1.2-kilometre Lorne Pier to Pub in Victoria, Australia back in 2017. Since then, I've undertaken many challenges, including swimming the English Channel in a 4-person relay, and completing a solo crossing of the 20-kilometre channel between Cottesloe Beach and Rottnest Island in Perth, Australia. These adventures gave me a sense of freedom and joy, and I was grateful to build strong and supportive friendships in the process!

Since arriving in Montenegro, I've explored almost every nook and cranny of Boka Bay and the Adriatic sea to find the very best spots to share with swimmers. I'm excited to now welcome swimmers to Montenegro and to share this special place of the world with them.


My vision is to build the open water swimming community and bring like-minded people together to share fabulous new experiences and create lifelong friendships. I'd love to invite you to share this journey with me!

Yours in swimming,


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