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Explore the beauty of the Blue Cave!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The best way to experience the Blue Cave is in the water, luckily for you this tourist attraction is one of the first stops on Ocean Blue Swimming Tour’s itinerary in Montenegro. Located on Lustica Peninsula, The Blue Cave is accessible only by sea, which is why it’s a perfect stopping point on our swimming tour of Montenegro.

Upon entering the cave which is one of the larger caves dotted about the Lustica peninsula, you will see exactly why it gets its name. The vivid blue colour which bathes the whole cave is a unique feature caused by the light reflecting off the sandy sea bed. You might need a moment or two for your eyes to adjust to the dim light within the cave but once they do, you’ll be able to fully explore the grotto.

For those interested in the stats, the cave depth reaches 4-5m in most places, with some deeper drops for divers to explore further. The cave entrance is approximately 15m wide which allows for all the usual boat tours to come and go to the site. However, nothing beats the feeling of peace gained through swimming in the cave when it’s less busy and being at one with the natural surroundings.

The tour starts with an early boat transfer directly to the Blue Cave, as this way we avoid regular boat traffic, and can properly enjoy the spectacular swim from the Blue Cave towards Mamula fortress. If you are up to the challenge, you can swim all the way to Zanjic Beach, which is 4 km away. Once we’ve worked up an appetite, we will then transfer by boat to Forte Rose, where we will stroll around the village, relax, and enjoy lunch. Afterwards, we'll take a short boat ride to the abandoned submarine tunnels built by the Yugoslav army in the 1970s, where we can swim inside and along the coastline to the next tunnel. Once we've explored to our heart's content, we'll return back to our accommodation.

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