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Uncovering the Hidden Mysteries

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Hi Friends, If you’re following Ocean Blue Swimming Tours Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll know that I (along with a fellow swimmer) recently discovered a network of secret underground tunnels in Montenegro! The tunnels are located in a remote area and are unknown to the general public, so their discovery has captivated my imagination and curiosity. I was eager to learn more, so I asked a local historian for information about the tunnels – when were they built and what was their exact purpose – but even he was unaware of their existence! We presume the tunnels were used during the war to house ammunition, or maybe they were used as escape routes or even for smuggling? We also explored three submarine tunnels along the Adriatic coastline. The submarine tunnels are known to the general public, and were built during World War II to shelter and hide submarines. Our swimming tours will take you on a journey through the submarine tunnels, where you'll have the chance to swim in the crystal-clear waters, and discover the schools of colourful fish that call these tunnels home. (Don’t worry, there’s no big bad creatures lurking in the dark shadows!) If you're up for an adventure, we'll also take you to a derelict fortress directly above one of the submarine tunnels that has remained largely undiscovered and has an incredibly long ladder that leads down into the submarine tunnel. Yours in swimming, Susan Berg

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