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Tour Highlights

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The Blue Caves are accessible only by sea, which is why it’s a perfect stopping point on our swimming tour of Montenegro. 

The vivid blue colour which bathes the whole cave is a unique feature caused by the light reflecting off the sandy sea bed.  You might need a moment or two for your eyes to adjust to the dim light within the cave but once they do, you’ll be able to fully explore the grotto.

For those interested in the stats, the cave depth reaches 4-5m in most places, with some deeper drops for divers to explore further. The cave entrance is approximately 15m wide which allows for boat tours to come and go to the site. 


The tour starts with our own private boat transfer directly to the Blue Cave, so that you can peacefully enjoy the beauty of this natural wonder. Our tours are not just for pro swimmers, they are suitable for all levels and non-swimmers too. 

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Sailing on from the Blue Caves, we will call upon our sense of adventure as we swim within the abandoned submarine tunnels along the Adriatic coastline of Montenegro.


Built in the 1970s by the Yugoslav navy, the tunnels once hid and stored submarines and small ships.

The tunnels possess sophisticated and secret underground tunnels that lead to buildings that stored equipment such as ammunition and fuel. The tunnels vary in size and length and we, as swimmers, will wear lights inside the structures to ensure our visibility. We recommend bringing a waterproof light inserted within a tow-float.

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Not too far away from Kotor is the picturesque town of Perast. Located in the bay, it may be small but it is rich in history. Perast was originally settled in by the Illyrians and heavily influenced by its Venetian inhabitants. The Republic of Venice owned Perast between 1420 and 1797 which is evident in its baroque architecture and maritime history.

Today Perast is home to the popular tourist site ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’, an islet which can be accessed by the frequent and numerous passenger boats located at the dock. Perast is perfect if you want to escape the crowds of Kotor Old Town and take in some spectacular views of the bay. We will transfer by boat to Risan and swim towards Perast. From there, we will continue on to Our Lady of the Rocks. 

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Our next swim is around Our Lady of the Rocks, an island with an equally impressive story. According to legend, sailors returning home from voyage discovered a picture of the Mother of God on a rock protruding from the sea. They collected the picture, only to find days later it had mysteriously returned to its original position on the rock.

Local sailors gathered together and took an oath to throw rocks into the water upon returning home from each voyage, and over the centuries an island formed. A church was then erected on the island to honour the Mother of God.

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One of the newest additions to the Montenegrin coastline is Porto Montenegro, located next to the town of Tivat. There are plenty of things to do and places to explore for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. You can stroll alongside the super yachts moored at the marina, and browse the exclusive boutiques.

The Porto Montenegro site also holds a yacht club, sports facilities, hotels and other luxury properties as well as hosting a full calendar of events. Past events have included; jazz festivals, fashion shows, regattas and sporting tournaments.

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Sveti Stefan was once inhabited by fishermen and their families until the 1960’s when it began its glamorous reincarnation as a celebrity hotspot, and is now home to an exclusive 5 star resort.

However, we can still appreciate Sveti Stefan’s beauty from the sea without having to stay at the hotel. Even better, steered by Susan, your Ocean Blue Swimming Tour guide, you are welcome to swim 750 metres around the island for a 360 degree view or as much as you are comfortable with. 

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The island, named after Saint Nicholas and also known as ‘Hawaii’, has two sides to it. It caters for tourists on the side facing Budva’s coastline but is also home to a protected nature reserve.


During our adventure swim, you will get to explore the rock formations jutting out of the crystal clear waters, which is generally mid 20 degrees during tour months.

There is also a small but yet exquisite blue cave, so you may wish to bring your GoPro and get some shots of the incredible colours and the sea life! Just a note, the beach is rocky, so you may wish to wear sea shoes.

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Budva’s Old Town is over two thousand years old and is home to a Citadel and two churches; St. Ivan and St. Trinity.


The Old Town has gained recognition by UNESCO for its architectural antiquity and has been restored having experienced damage from two earthquakes in its lifetime.

Within its medieval walls you can find all manner of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, a museum, art gallery and a theatre festival during the summer. During our non-swimming pit-stop, you can fully explore the cobbled streets and soak in the history. You can also access the popular beach ‘Ričardova glava’, at the far side of Budva’s Old Town.



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The resort of Lustica Bay can be found on the Lustica peninsula at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. Here you can find luxury resorts and beautiful beaches, making it a popular choice for holiday makers. We think the new housing and resort development looks like a movie set, almost like they've replicated a scene from The Truman Show.

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The popular Old Town in the Bay of Kotor is a must-see for any visitor to Montenegro. The baroque style old town can be entered through three gates: the Sea Gate which is the main one, the South Gate which is the oldest gate and the third gate also known as the River Gate. The third is symbolic of a victory against a Turkish fleet in 16th Century and reflects the old town’s military significance at the time.

Numerous Venetian palaces and squares can be found within the town’s walls, connected by narrow cobbled streets full of souvenir stores, cafes and restaurants. For those who like a more active exploration of the old town, a hike atop the city walls might be an option if you have a couple of hours to spare or prefer non-swimming activities. 

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